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Located next to the stunning Takapuna Beach overlooking Rangitoto Island on the North Shore, we provide digital solutions to streamline your businesses. By connecting our strategies with your business goals, you can rest assured to keep doing what you do the best --- The strategic side of things.

Think about the time you could save if you let some parts of your business run by themselves, wouldn't you want to spend those time with your friends & families? Most of us prefer enjoying life, afterall.

- Mingyang Li (6 AM Swimmer / Pull-Ups Doer)

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The services we offer include but are not limited to the following, please contact us if you have special requirements in mind.

Shopify Commerce

We started off specialising in custom Shopify development, but now our focus is providing enterprise-level digital solutions, which expands from e-commerce to integration of point-of-sale, finance, marketing, etc.

Business Automation

We automate repetitive processes so you can focus more on selling, instead of letting the mundane tasks rule your life. Automate social media campaigns? How about some custom sales reports? Not impossible.

Web Applications

Businesses need systems to succeed. We combine scalable software architecture, agile practices with robust technologies empowering your business to thrive. Code is supplementary, your business is the priotity.

Data Engineering

Your business generates enormous amount of data through every client-facing interaction, and we're here to help you make the most out of them. From data analysis, modelling to migration, you're all covered.

API & Integration

Software can't talk to each others like we do. We design API strategies, develop executable integrations to connect quality data to your businesses, enabling you to make well-informed strategic decisions.

Technical Translation

Having working knowledge of modern technologies and being fluent in both Mandarin and English allows us to see the world from a different spectrum. Translation services are always within your reach.



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